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How lucky have we been so far this summer? When the sun comes so suddenly we need to be prepared. Glamour by DKUK have got your back.
Want to shove a nice mini dress or a pair of shorts on... Preparation is key.
Pale + Hairy + Legs = DILEMMA!
What a life safer the VALONA London hair remover is. Find it on our website for £30, kit can last up to 8 months if used as directed. Just simply, on the desired area, moving in gentle circular motion 3 times clockwise and back again 3 time anti-clockwise until the hair is gone! Silky, smooth legs in no time!
Next up - TANNING! With the Clearly Bronzed sunless, CLEAR tanning mousse, get a naturally bronzed look in no time. It develops in only 1-2 hours giving you an instant tan! Not only is this a quick developing product but also contains Vitamins A and E which repairs and protects your skin. WIN WIN! Currently on offer at only £13.99.
DON'T FORGET!! Tanning mitt. We have the VelvoTan mitt for only £2.80 or the Luxury Velvet Mitt for £6.50.
Can't be bothered with all that? Why not shop our maxi dresses... Prices start from £18.


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